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Your face speaks for itself: it tells the intimate story of your life.  Past experiences, moments and emotions are translated into facial expressions, reflecting your individual personality and character.  For this reason, your face must be treated with special care and attention in order to maintain its beauty and vitality over time.
The Pèonyspa Facial Line is based on the soothing, regenerative antioxidant properties of the peony extract.  There are specific products designed for every type of skin.  Each is formulated to naturally combat the aging process as part of a simple yet effective beauty routine.
Pèonyspa products are made with vegetable-derived active ingredients, comparable to substances naturally present in the skin.  For example, common ingredients include phytoestrogens and phytaluronate, a natural equivalent to the synthetic ialuronic acid.
The power is found within special groundbreaking formulas.  Microspheres gradually release a constant stream of active ingredients to guarantee a long-lasting effect without skin irritation.


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