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What are the after sun products ?

The after-sun products have a moisturizing and soothing the skin and also contain substances with antioxidant, able to restore the skin's natural softness and to restore the surface layer of the skin.

What is the SPF ?

It is the level of protection the product offers to the skin, how many times can be prolonged exposure without burning. It is expressed with a number: an SPF 8 means, for example, that you can expose for 8 times the length of time normally required for the appearance of erythema.

What is the tanning ?

It is the most important mechanism of natural skin protection against sunlight. Stimulated radiation, the melanocytes produce pigment, melanin, which is designed to protect the skin from the aggression solar layers.

What is the difference between UV-B and UV-A ?

The UV-B type is blocked from the surface layer of the skin (epidermis) and are responsible for rashes and burns. The ultra-violet rays of type A through the skin instead and stop near the dermis. The UV-A, seemingly less harmful, are the cause of formation of free radicals that attack cells and, over time, accelerate the process of skin aging (photoaging).

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