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How can you counter relaxation?

The skin of the breast, belly, thighs, due to various causes (pregnancy, lactation, weight loss, senescence) can undergo degradation of elastic fibers and lose its elasticity.
Having a young body, toned and elastic is the desire of all. The watchword is tone, for example, oxygenating walks outdoors and a bit 'of daily physical activity. The important thing is making strides, putting one foot in front of the other contracting your buttocks while ... and prevent the application of toning and firming creams daily massages together to firm up the body and relax the mind at the same time.

What are the most effective remedies to treat cellulite, localized adiposity?

Cosmetics offers aids for the treatment of cellulite of localized firming creams and shaping / slimming and cellulite . The specific application of cosmetics, however, acts in synergy with another set of factors:
a balanced diet : Yes alkalizing foods and carbohydrates such as pasta and rice, whole grains, potatoes, vegetables, cookies and soy milk; attention instead to animal fats and sugars refined. Green light for fruit and vegetables, which provide large amounts of water and nutrients to help combat water retention
a physical activity
lymphatic drainage massage and toning
not forget to conclude that nothing reactivates microcirculation better than a morning shower, preferably performed by the method of Kneip: jets of hot and cold alternating and direct way in circulation starting from the feet to climb down the leg to the buttocks.

Even thin people may have cellulite ?

Cellulitis can develop in thin patients with impaired capillary permeability and fragility of blood vessels and especially poor circulation and water retention, catabolites and toxins.

Hand assaulted and sensitized by the use of detergents, what can you do ?

Normalize the skin with specific nutrients, moisturizers and protective, thus restoring the physiological balance of the skin.

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