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What are the products "impact action" ?

Are formulations that contain high concentrations of active ingredients most commonly used for skin relaxed, devitalized and dehydrated as hyaluronic acid, vitamins, amino acids, the moisturizing factor or plant extracts.

What is a moisturizer ?

It keeps in constant equilibrium water content of the skin, protecting it from abuse at the same time elements.

What is a emulgel and for what skin type is recommended ?

It is an emulsion-gel-based dual-function emulsifier and gelling agent. It is a type of fresh formulation suitable for combination skin or young skin.

At what age did the first wrinkles appear, and it should start applying anti-aging products?

After 25-30 years they begin to manifest small folds of expression especially on the forehead, sides of eyes and mouth. Worries, excitement, anxiety, disordered life cause premature wrinkles as well as time. It is a good idea to start applying early for specific products especially around the eyes.

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