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Pèonyspa is a new brand, recently born in Italy out of one of the oldest human passion: the love for absolute beauty.
All over the world a peony flower is a symbol of beauty and unsurpassable charm. The breathtaking perfection of a peony flower is a legendary as the longevity of the plant, still beautiful after 200 years from its birth...
We embarked upon the Pèonyspa project after years of passionate commitment to the creation and development the Moutan Botanic Centre, a highly specialised nursery devoted to the cultivation of Chinese peonies, which can now boast possessing the largest collection of these exquisite flowers in the whole world. Bibliographical study and scientific research show how the healing properties of peonies have been used in China for thousands of years and this prompted the Moutan Botanic Centre to carry out our own laboratory tests to discover exactly what substances are present in the roots of these plants and to establish what their properties are.
The trade-mark Pèonyspa means peonies, grace, beauty, well-being and scientific innovation, all fused together to create a unique line of cosmetics with a style which is essential and modern, yet which never for a minute forgets traditional values.

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