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Top sunbathing tips for a perfect tan: You must follow a few simple rules if you want to tan in total safety:

  1. Apply your sun cream at least 30 minutes before actually starting to sunbathe.
  2. Let your skin get used to the sun gradually. Your first sessions in the sun should not last more than half an hour, then after a few days, you will be able to work up to a couple of hours a day. Increase very gradually the length of the time spent in the sun, whilst taking care to avoid those really hot hours around midday (from about 12.00 am to 3.00 pm.
  3. Choose the most suitable sun protection factor for your skin type (the paler you are, the higher the protection you need).
  4. Start off with high protection factor numbers, especially when you are sunbathing for the first time that year.
  5. Do not forget to apply sun filter to those often forgotten zones like your nose, feet, ears, shoulders and mouth.
  6. Do not stop using your sun cream just because you are tanned - even if the sun's rays are not provoking any evident signs of burning, they are still causing deep-down damage to your skin which will make it look older than it actually is.
  7. Repeat application of your sun cream at least every 2 to 3 hours, especially after having been for a swim, having worked up a sweat or having come into contact with the sand which tends to absorb your sun cream, leaving you unprotected.
  8. Avoid overly long sunbathing sessions. You get a tan under the sun-umbrella too !
  9. Watch out for perfumes ! Avoid wearing them when you go sunbathing - they contain substances that might react in the sun, leaving unsightly marks on the skin.
  10. Be careful about the contraceptive pill or other medicines (such as cortisones or antibiotics). These too can provoke dark marks on the skin exposed to the sun.
  11. Remember - a truly safe suntan requires a lot more time and patience to achieve, but it will have a much more uniform colour and will last longer too !

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